juf roos

Animation series | Pre-school nursery | Youtube, RTL, Telekids, Videoland, Theatre and Cinema

Juf Roos lives in a colourful windmill and loves to sing all day long. Gijs – the boy next door – visits her every day and together they take you to a fantasy world in which popular nursery rhymes come to life. Juf Roos is cheerful, inventive and sings beautifully. Gijs is funny and a bit clumsy and playing dress-up is what he likes best.

In collaboration with Sony Music, Blooming developed the preschool programme ‘Juf Roos’. Familiar Dutch nursery rhymes to encourage the child’s imagination and strike a chord with parents (grown ups).

New episodes can be seen on Telekids and Videoland from mid-October!

Juf Roos is in theatres from october, get your tickets here.