Hunterstreet Season 1 + 2 + 3

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Live action series  |  Comedy adventure  |  Nickelodeon USA

Hunter Street is about an rebellious foster child Max, he is placed with wealthy, fun loving couple, Kate and Erik Hunter and their four foster children: Daniel, Tess, Sal and Anika. The first night, Erik and Kate mysteriously disappear. Max and his new siblings must unite in a mission to find out what’s happened to them and at the same time make sure no one discovers they’re home alone with no adult supervision eating donuts for breakfast every day!

Hunter Street is launched in March 2017 on Nickelodeon USA and aired in more than 120 countries. You can say Hunterstreet was a BIG HIT!

We have filmed two versions of “Hunter street” – Season 1 – on our home turf, the Netherlands.
One version with an English cast and as well a version with a Dutch speaking cast (this version is called: De Ludwigs).